Tips On Finding Good Slots Payouts

Back in the day, gamblers in Vegas has some pretty whacky theories about how to work out which of the slot machines were about to drop or which were ‘loose’ as the term is known (a loose slot is one that is dropping coins seemingly on every spin). One theory was that the casino would put the highest paying machines near the entrance so that anyone walking past or just arriving would see them dropping cash and immediately make a move to buy some chips and get a piece of the action. Another theory is that when the casino is busiest then a game is more likely to drop its jackpot.

Both ideas are pretty out there when you consider that slots are fixed odds machines – they work on a completely random basis so no one spin is more likely to lead to a win than the next. Still, gamblers do like their crack pot theories and you’ve got to believe in something right?!

But in all seriousness, whilst slot games are all about fun, behind the flashing lights and loud blings there are at least some facts and figures that can help you locate and spin on games that have at least a higher CHANCE of delivering that big win.

With that in mind, here then is Simply Slots guide to finding good payout online slots.

Look at Games with High Payout Potential

It sounds obvious but let’s make it clear. Not all slot games have the same jackpot values. So, scan the web for those with the biggest potential. The obvious candidates are progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune whose prizes regularly exceed the £5,000,000 mark. But if you don’t fancy chasing down one of these monsters you can always look at the high paying alternatives. We’ve done our research and found that Big Time Gaming’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways™ game with its £1,000,000 top payout is amongst the best. You can also play San Quentin xWays by No Limit City which has a top win of 150,000x your stake. That’s £150,000 if you bet with just £1! We should add or course that the odds of winning either of these prizes are extreme – over 1 in 1 million in the case of San Quentin!

For another alternative you could also try Blueprint Gaming’s recent released, The GOAT with a 50,000x stake top win!

Check the RTP

Top payouts are one way to look at the win potential of a game but dig further into the maths of a slot and you’ll find other considerations. Take RTP for example which refers to the amount of money paid out by a game as a percentage of all that wagered on it. An online slot typically comes in at an RTP of 96% which means £96 paid out for every £100 wagered. But its not the same value for every game – some have a higher RTP than others. Slots with high RTPs and consequently better value gaming include Bloodsuckers by NetEnt (98%) and Joker Strike by Quickspin (98.1%).

Do these figures make a difference? Damn right they do. They give you that little bit of an edge over the house as you spin those reels, so always look for games with a high RTP. You can find the RTP of any slot displayed on the game info screen once you have loaded it up.

Consider Variance

As well as RTP all slots fanatics know that variance is important too. This tells you how regular the wins are likely to come. A high variance game pays out irregularly, typically with long periods with no prize before a short burst of big wins. A low variance game however usually runs with an even distribution of payouts – smaller wins, but more reliable. Whilst this does not technically affect how much a game will pay out overall – RTP and potential are better indicators of that – it does at least hint at the kind of game experience you can expect when you are spinning. As a rule, high variance games are high risk and more likely to burn your bankroll than their low variance counterparts.

Can I Bend the Odds in My Favour?

Sorry, the answer to that question is emphatically, NO!! Remember that slots are fixed odds games so there is no strategy that can turn the odds in your favour. But having the knowledge described in this article can at least give you an idea of what kind of wins and pattern of wins to look for in your favourite games. On top of that you should also try picking out slot sites with the latest bonuses like the ones shown here: Then at least you can test your luck with some free spins or free cash before taking the plunge with your own hard-earned pounds!!

Until next time …