8 Themed Slot Machines: Part 3

Win big while getting called a f#!*$#* c#$t, with the Ted slot machine!

A bit of  WTF one, this. Ellen is great but I’m not sure she’s slot machine material!

Bond… James Bond. A very suave looking slot machine! Cash in while staying classy!

If one Bond slot machine isn’t enough for you, how about a whole 007 slots area?!

Can you get paid in Donuts while playing The Simpsons Slots

The Sopranos Slots

The Voice slots. A stylish design, I’d love to play this one.

For a real walk down memory lane, it surely can’t get better than The Wizard of Oz slots machine?

8 Themed Slots: Part 2

You’ve watched the epic (including the semi disappointing last season!) now play Game of Thrones Slots

She gets everywhere doesn’t she? At least she’s not wearing an eye patch on this though so ‘Get into the Groove’ with Madonna Slots.

Experience a blast from the past (but hopefully not a blast to your bank balance) with Jurassic World Slots

They really went to town on the cabinet for the Grease Slots. If you win the jackpot maybe you can take the car, and if you lose just drive off in it!

Revisit slimer and co with Ghostbusters Slots.. and it’s even in 4D! Whatever that means!”

Be sure to dress to impress and bring a martini (shaken but not stirred) with you when you play Casino Royale Slots

Just when you thought we;d got rid of the Sex and the City Girls, they’re back, and this time they don’t need a diverse to get their hands on your $$$

Buffy had a cult following back in the day. Relive those precious memories while pocketing big bucks on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slots

Oldest Slot Machine

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s the world’s first mechanical slot machine. The Liberty Bell , invented in 1895 by Charles Fey.  It features the trademark symbols we all still associate with slots (horse shoes, diamonds, hearts etc).