August 2019

Oldest Slot Machine

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s the world’s first mechanical slot machine. The Liberty Bell , invented in 1895 by Charles Fey.  It features the trademark symbols we all still associate with slots (horse shoes, diamonds, hearts etc).

Woman Wins $43 Million on Slots (or doesn’t)

What a dream it must be to suddenly learn that you’re in line for close to a $43 million payout while at a local casino. This would be the biggest slots win in history. However, for Katrina Bookman, the dream soon turned into a nightmare when she was informed that the machine malfunctioned and in fact she’d won nothing. As compensation for this error she was offered a ‘steak dinner’ by Resorts World Casino, New York. Her attorney is fighting for her to at very least be paid the actual maximum jackpot on the Sphinx Wild machine, which is $6500.