8 Themed Slot Machines

You’ve gotta love this 1988 movie starring Jeff Bridges as ‘The Dude’. Not an obvious choice for a slot machine, so I’m glad this is out there!


Personally, I never tire of seeing zombies getting their just desserts. If I can join in on the zombie slaying action while sat down and winning money then all that better!

The Hoff has become something of a comic character really, what with his BayWatch involvement and occasional forays into the pop charts. Here though, we get to play slots during the period where along with Kit the car, he was the kind of cool. Who needs Elon Musk!


One Ring to rule them all… and one coin to rule them all if you play Lord of the Rings Slots at the right time

“What a glorious feeling,  I’m happy again”

If You find that you’ve plugged yourself into a charger while you’re playing Westworld Slots, it may be that you’re not actually human. Oh well, thems the breaks

The Truth is out there with X Files slots. I’m pretty sure alien beings have beamed up the contents of my wallet a time or two over the years

B52 Slots .. So hurry up and bring your jukebox money!