Casino Songs

While it’s clearly a big ask to starting reeling off slots specific songs, you’d perhaps be surprised to learn of how many well known casino songs there are. It stands to reason really, as good fortune (or lack of) and winning and losing are themes returned to again and again in music. On top of that there is of course a certain style and aesthetic that comes along with high end gambling. It’s a world you want to be in, but at the same time one that comes with its risks.

Top Five Casino Themed Songs


5 – Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World

The video for this track was filmed in Sin City, and although Big Casino isn’t one of their best known trackers, they’ve had some classics in their time. Wlecome to the list, lads!


4 – Luck Be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

I’m pretty sure Old Blue Eyes had a lot of Luck with the Ladies. Althought this isn’t a casino specific song, it certainly has that feel to it, and who doesn’t want lady luck on their side?


3 – Poker Face by Lady Gaga

“I wanna hold’em like the do in Texas, please / fold ‘em, let em’ hit me / raise it baby, stay with me”  A shout out to Texas Hold Em in this modern pop classic


2 – Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Hopefully this one doesn’t require much explanation. Las Vegas is the Gambling Mecca, and Elvis was the face and stardust sprinkled on it


1 – The Gambler by Kenny Rogers


“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for countin’
When the dealin’s done”

Who doesn’t love a bit of Kenny Rogers? With his trademark twang and country crooner in The Gambler, Kenny perfectly captures the mind of the gambler in a lyrical style that’s unique to him


The Venetian Macao

Modelled on The Venetian Las Vegas and owned and operated, like its Nevada counterpart, by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, The Venetian Macao is located on the so-called Cotai Strip in former Portugese colony of Macao, or Macau, on the south coast of China. The Venetian Macao stands 39 storeys high, covers an eye-watering 10.5 million square feet and includes 3,000 rooms and suites. A total of 2.8 million square feet is devoted to convention centre and retail space, but 546,000 square feet of casino floor space makes The Venetian Macao the second largest casino in the world, behind only the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Oklahoma.

The vast expanse of casino floor space is conveniently divided into four, themed gaming areas which, collectively, offer over 800 gaming tables, offering perennial favourites, such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette, along with sic bo and so-called ‘Sands’ stud poker, in which players play against the dealer rather than each other. Similarly, the 3,400 slot machines on offer include same familiar names and some less familiar, such as ‘Duo Fu Duo Cai’, which translates into English as ‘much luck’. The latter features a Chinese-themed style of play, specifically designed to appeal to Asian slot players.

Gambling opportunities aside, other notable features of The Venetian Macao include three huge shopping malls, four swimming pools, four award-winning restaurants, not least the Michelin-starred Golden Peacock Indian restaurant, and the San Luca, Marco Polo and Grand Canals on which visitors can ride in a traditional, flat-bottomed gondola.