Skill Based Slots

Slot machines, whether online or at physical casinos, are always believed to be luck-driven. But what if we say that there are skill-based slot machines? It is true! There are slot machines where players can win money based on their skills and reasoning power.

Just like everything, gambling standards, rules and regulations become more gambler focused, and skill-based slots are a result of it.

Let’s analyse this a little more

What are Skill-Based Slots?

The outcome of these slots depends on the player’s ability to play rather than luck. Game developers have implemented various ways to test players’ skills as they play slots, which has made the concept even more interesting than traditional slots.

Hence these machines can be better compared with video poker or blackjack, where a player would have more control over his game, and the win would be a reflection of his gameplay.

The Workings

While there is not an exact explanation of the mechanism, the skill slots often feature many bonus rounds. These bonus rounds can be won only when the players apply their skill and make intelligent moves. The size of your bonus or payout gets determined by the kind of gameplay you have or your over all performance.

Are Skill Based Slots the Future?

The reason behind developing skill based slots is that today’s generation want to win by testing their skills and not just purely because of luck. They want to have significantly more control over the actions of the game they play, and hence they prefer skill slots more than luck slots.

The skill slots require the player to be at least 21 of age, while this limit is 18 years of age in traditional slot machines. Also, one should remember that even if it is a skill slot, the gameplay is designed in a way that still gives the house the winning edge.

Some players also say that skills in these slots are just an illusion, and it is almost like a traditional slot machine. This can be true to some extent because even after using skills, you can only influence the RTP by 5%, and the rest still depends on luck. Overall, no slot machine would give a player the chance to overcome the house edge, but that is what gambling is about because, in the end, it is the casino that wants to make money.

So are skill-based slots going to be the future? They can be! However, there might be both cases where a casino would have both the traditional slots and skill slots.